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30 July 2009

hye anybody there...see the pic above.
i received award today from mama dora.
thanks mama dora...layanz....

Buddy...where is my phone?

hallooo there..
today is very bad day..huhuhu..
actually my handphone lost this morning..
i forgot where i put the hp..I think on my table but don't know where key also gone..
everybody please pray for me..along can't live without that hp..
the sony ericsson hp was given by my sweetheart as present on my convo day on August word for that..
I'm sorry for the lost dear...Am I careless?

28 July 2009

A Spirit Of July.. frenz..
Welcome again..anyway along want to tell u one thing....
On 15th July last week, along received a bouquet of red suprise!!thanks my dear.
Actually, along very busy that day..kuar jer from meeting room ade sejambak bunga on my table..hoho..tak pernah dijangka lagikan mengharap..
Anyway..special thanks for my dear abg for that flowers. I'm very appreciate that..
So, kat bawah ni ade le some pictures yang sempat disnap for memories before it freshness..

in a bouquet of flowers had 24 kuntum of red rose..what the meaning?
so sweet...cantikkan

a precious time....


for my frenz..thanks for the wish
and pray for our blissful